Read: 2017 World Citizen Essays

Grades 3-5

A Vacation for the Earth by Cameron Trichel, 5th grade, Somerset Elementary School

Visiting my Favorite Place—Bhutan by Anish Sharma, 3rd grade, Bellevue Children’s Academy

A Trip to Japan by Audrey Smith, 5th grade, Bryant Elementary School

Grades 6-8

Exploring Guatemala: An Example of Sustainable Travel in Central America by Katie Kotler, 8th grade, International Community School

Sustainable Tourism: The Future of Easter Island by Madeleine Goertz, 8th grade, International Community School

Simple and Effective Ways to Become a Sustainable Tourist by Celeste Zinmon-Htet, 7th grade, Hamilton International Middle School

Grades 9-12

Paving the Road for Sustainable Tourism in Lombok by Rebekah Huber, 11th grade, Colfax High School

In Honor of Opa: Travel to the Netherlands by Ellie Roza, 11th grade, Lakeside High School

Cycling the Ring by Kaisa Nordal-Jonsson, 12th grade, Science and Math Institute