U.S. Foreign Aid In Nigeria and Elsewhere: Where Should U.S. Tax Dollars Be Spent? (U.S. Foreign Policy – High School CBA)

U.S. Foreign Aid In Nigeria and Elsewhere: Where Should U.S. Tax Dollars Be Spent? (U.S. Foreign Policy - High School CBA)

Washington State Curriculum-Based Assessment: U.S. Foreign Policy

This document is intended to assist teachers who are implementing the U.S. Foreign Policy CBA for high school students, but may also be useful to anyone teaching about current world issues, international relations, and related fields.

The U.S. Foreign Policy CBA asks students to select and analyze one U.S. foreign policy. Resources listed here will help students who wish to examine current U.S. policy in distributing foreign aid. This may be done with a special focus on Nigeria, as a case in point. Alternatively, students could use many of the same resources, but focus on a different country or region, or maintain a broader focus on foreign aid in general.

In order to complete the U.S. Foreign Policy CBA, students must choose a U.S. foreign policy to
examine in detail. Students might choose to look at:
• President Bush’s “new compact for global development” and the Millennium Challenge
Corporation in particular
• The Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, which established USAID
• U.S. foreign aid to Nigeria or to another specific country

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