“A Conversation with Ambassador Valeriy Chaly, Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States” – WAC 2/9/2016 Event

In the first event of the 2015-2016 “Russia and the Surrounding Region Series,” the World Affairs Council and the Henry M. Jackson Foundation hosted the Ambassador of Ukraine to the U.S. for a timely discussion on the domestic and external challenges and opportunities that Ukraine is currently facing. The conversation was moderated by Lara Iglitzin, the Executive Director of the Henry M. MU Legend Power Leveling Jackson Foundation.

Specific topics covered include Ukraine’s relations with the European Union, Russia’s presence in eastern Ukraine, and the influence of Russian media propaganda in Ukraine. Ambassador Chaly noted that the number of civilians in Crimea who want to be independent from Ukraine has decreased dramatically, from 80 percent to now 18 percent. Jackets insulated detachable Mammut

Ambassador Chaly also addressed the need for institutional changes domestically in Ukraine, including judicial and anti-corruption reform. He stressed the importance of growing a strong middle class, and maintaining a vibrant civil society that is protected, in part, by free media.

Ambassador Chaly concluded the event by emphasizing that 2016 was a critical year for Ukraine, and the U.S.