Board Nominations Sought

The World Affairs Council is seeking members interested in connecting the greater Seattle community to global ideas and people and in advancing global understanding.  Board members have the opportunity to meet international visitors, to participate in the World Affairs Council’s global programs, and to engage the community in a dialog on global issues.

The World Affairs Council is looking for persons eager to strengthen ties with diverse communities and to promote its programs. Those programs include public events, Global Classroom, the International Visitor Program, and the Young Professionals International Network. The Council seeks persons with the time, experience, and energy to serve on Council committees (finance, fundraising, program development, governance), and to promote the Council’s vision, communications, and use of technology. Applicants for the World Affairs Council Board will be asked to consider serving as a Board officer in the future.

Board members are required to maintain their World Affairs Council membership while serving on the Board.  They are also expected to make a contribution to the Council’s fundraising efforts each year.

Currently the Board meets six times per year at the World Affairs Council offices in Seattle.  The Board also holds an annual one-day retreat, usually in February, to identify its short- and long-term goals.

For more information about the job description of a Board member, please see Roles and Responsibilities of the Board along with the Individual Board Member Plan.

If you would like more information about serving on the World Affairs Council Board of Trustees, please contact Bill Christopher at  Additionally, if you know Council members interested in becoming a Trustee, please provide their names and contact information to Bill Christopher. The Governance Committee will contact these individuals and consider adding them to the slate of proposed Board members for next year.

In addition to the process above, our By-laws allow members to formally nominate a Council member, or yourself, for a position as a Trustee. The By-laws allow up to three nominations to be included on the slate using this process. In order to formally nominate someone to serve on the Board, you must submit their name, and signature, along with the signatures of at least fifteen (15) other Council members supporting the nominee.  Your nominee’s name and contact information along with the signatures must be sent to the Board Secretary, Alicia Austin, at no later than November 1, 2012. If we receive more than three nominations from the membership, the Governance Committee will place the first three nominations received on the slate for member consideration.  Additional nominations received and/or nominations received after the closing date of November 1, 2012 will not be included in the slate of candidates.

The World Affairs Council will identify its new slate of Board candidates for approval at the annual meeting in January.  The deadline to submit Board member applications or referrals for the board is November 1, 2012.

If you have any questions, please contact Bill Christopher.

Thank you for your continued interest in the work of the World Affairs Council.