Exploring Global Issues: Building a Democratic Classroom

Exploring Global Issues: Building a Democratic Classroom

Global Visionaries and Facing the Future hosted the second annual Global Leadership Summer Institute for Educators from August 3rd through 7th, 2015. This workshop provided teachers with a highly effective approach to creating a climate of mutual respect and shared ownership in which student leaders become engaged global leaders, both in and out of the classroom. This packet accompanies the workshop and includes links to teacher travel programs, online global learning activities for students, Global Leadership teaching resources from Global Visionaries, and more.

Download the accompanying Facing the Future resources here:

Chapter 1: Global Issues
Chapter 2: Sustainability

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Compiled By: Tese Wintz Neighbor, Laura Adriance, Amy Lutterloh, Noah Zeichner, Dave Wilton, Kimberly Corrigan, Justine Miley, Bob Oswald, Sarah Arndt, Shannon Rubin, Chris Fontana, Jessica Guiley, & Abby Pioch