Footage of our 60th Anniversary Celebration with President Carter Now Available

On January 31, the World Affairs Council hosted our biggest event ever, featuring President Jimmy Carter speaking on “Waging Peace, Fighting Disease, and Building Hope.”

The former President strongly urged Americans to remain globally engaged and stated that an engaged and strong America is critical for the world.  He explained his view that the U.S. should remain a super power, but one with a renewed focus on human rights extending beyond those specifically elaborated on in our Bill of Rights.

In the thirty years since leaving the White House, President Carter says that the progress towards democracy has been very good, but that Americans must continue to support honest, equal, and fair elections.  He advised young people to get involved in a cause (such as Habitat for Humanity), to get to know people who are different from themselves, to study abroad, and above all to let their voices be heard.

Photos of the event can be found on our Facebook pageClick here to view our footage of the event in full.