From One Table to Another: Dinner Host Connie Miller Travels Central Asia

Glass of Caucasian vodka or not, there’s just something about the dinner table that encourages the conversations of a lifetime. Connie Miller, founder of Pivotal Presentations, a Seattle communications and speech coaching firm, has learned firsthand the value of story-swapping over a great meal. Last week, Connie took the first steps on her month-long journey through Central Asia with a new approach to fostering women’s empowerment: conversations around the table. Traveling through Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia, Connie will mUniversity Endowments in the U.S. Georgia - Home Hospitality Connie Miller - 2-2013eet with small groups of women to discuss communication issues for emerging women leaders. Through these meal-time meetings, Connie hopes to foster dialogue, brainstorm communications solutions, and share effective strategies that will amplify women’s voices around the world. This global undertaking is a part of a special program she developed with Pivotal Presentations in 2006, Great Women Speakers. Great Women Speakers aims to support women’s leadership through effective, empowering, and memorable speechmaking. Along with Pivotal Presentations, Connie provides local and international women with valuable training and gives them a safe space to grow as leaders.  As a professionally trained actress, Connie is just the woman for the job. Connie’s international adventure began here in Seattle, at her own dinner table. As a host for the International Visitor Program’s Dinner Hosting program, Connie has made connections with leaders all around the globe. Over the last several years Connie has hosted international dinner guests from over 30 different educational delegations offered by the State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). IVLP is a professional exchange program which invites talented governmental, non-governmental, and private sector leaders to the United States to participate in professional development delegations. The connections Connie has made through dinner hosting have been essential to the planning of her own trip abroad. As a type of reverse exchange, eight of Connie’s former dinner guests have invited  Connie join them for dinner in their home, continuing the tradition of storytelling that both Connie and the Home Hospitality program seek to create. If you would like to support Connie and emerging women leaders on their journey, check out her Facebook page: Great Women Speakers.  If you would like more information about hosting visitors in your home, please email the IVP team at or click here for an application.