Corporate Membership


Membership with the World Affairs Council is…


A Platform

International dialogue is most potent when business, government, academia, and private organizations all have a seat at the table. Participation in the World Affairs Council offers a respected and essential platform to increase visibility, outreach, and influence.

An Education

Corporate support of the World Affairs Council helps provide your customer base and your employees with numerous opportunities to become more globally inspired, engaged, and connected. Members of the World Affairs Council interact with local and national experts on a wide range of timely and relevant topics. Membership reinforces the values of responsible global citizenship, a critical component in building an international workforce.

A Network

Membership facilitates relationships and professional development opportunities between people with diverse backgrounds and a common global orientation and desire to see greater Seattle’s global reach expand. Our local network encompasses policy makers, thought leaders, teachers and other community leaders in greater Seattle. Our network extends globally, with enduring connections made with emerging leaders from government, business, academia, and civil society who participate in State Department-sponsored exchanges in the area.


Corporate members elevate their global image as responsible citizens and support the development of a globally competent workforce in the most trade dependent state in the country.  Membership provides opportunities for client cultivation, employee development, and responsible philanthropy.

Membership Levels

  • $2, 500 – Founder
  • $5,000 – Benefactor
  • $10,000 – Partner
  • $25,000 – Patron


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To discuss corporate membership, contact our team:

Laurie Taylor, director of external relations

Nathan Sharpe, community engagement coordinator