GiveBIG 2017: Act Local, Be Global

Dear Friends,
Since 1951, the World Affairs Council has been a trusted convener in greater Seattle, bringing together policymakers and thought leaders with “we the people” for respectful debate, dialogue, and discussion.

There has been, of late, a severe shortage of respectful interactions in the nation’s capital and we are treading new ground in foreign policy as long-standing friends and adversaries alike wonder what to expect from the current administration, where the unexpected seems to have become the norm.

At the Council, we remain dedicated to providing a forum where people come together from literally around the world in dialogue. Because from dialogue—open, honest, and respectful dialogue—comes understanding.

We have seen first-hand the power of citizen-to-citizen exchanges. And because so many of you have opened your homes, your businesses, and your communities to visitors from around the world, you have too. You have helped the Council connect Seattleites with the world and we are all better because of it. You have helped build youth from around the world—and in Seattle—into the next generation of global citizens and future leaders.

We do this work because we believe in it. Mens Belstaff Leather & Shearling Because of your support, we are making a difference. You are making a difference.

There is much work still to be done. barbour mens liddesdale quilted jacket We’ll keep bringing people together—with policymakers, with thought leaders, and with neighbors, wherever in the globe they may live. We hope you’ll continue to work right next to us because deeper global understanding and engagement is not an option.