Global Classroom’s visit to the International Community School 05/19

During the first 2 weeks of April, Global Classroom Director Ryan Hauck participated in a state-department sponsored professional development trip for teachers. He travelled to Senegal with the goal to form connections between students, teachers, and classrooms in Senegal, and classrooms here in Washington state. He spent 1 week in Dakar, and 1 week in Kaolack, visiting and teaching in rural schools. 

On May 19th, Ryan visited the International Community School in Kirkland to share his experience in Senegal with ICS students. Ryan spoke with 2 different sections of Middle School World History students. Ryan passed around souvenirs from his trip and showed pictures to give students a sense of what daily life was like for him while in Senegal. Students were encouraged to reflect on the importance of travel as a means for developing a more open perspective on the world, and on the meaning of ’21st century skills’ and global competency. Students also engaged in a thought-provoking conversation around the differences in resources available to them in Kirkland as compared to the resources available to their peers in rural schools in Senegal–and they reflected on what these disparities meant in terms of future opportunities and priorities. Students made meaningful connections and were able to put their own learning experiences into a more global context. 

Ryan hopes to visit more classrooms in Seattle soon to share lessons learned from his trip with students in our state. 

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