Digital Young Leaders Exchange Program

Be Your Own Diplomat – Use the Internet for Peacebuilding

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Started in 2016, DYLEP is a program sponsored by Steven’s Initiative, a partnership aimed to increase exchanges between youth in the U.S. and the Middle East. Selected Students will participate in DYLEP completely free of charge, and learn using videos, discussion forums, online chats, webinars, and games. Students will also meet online in small groups to exchange opinions on global issues with students in the U.S.

The World Affairs Council is excited to announce a virtual exchange program for students from the U.S. and Iraq! We’re currently recruiting high school students to apply for this completely free of charge opportunity. The remote nature of the program allows for significant scheduling flexibility – we encourage all who are interested to apply! 



  • interested in international affairs, global issues, and tackling problems of the 21st century
  • interested in learning about different countries and bridging cultures
  • passionate about fostering change in your community



  • are 15-18 years old at the time of June 1, 2017
  • have completed at least one year of high school before June 2017
  • have a high school graduation year of 2017 or later
  • reside in the United States


Please visit the Digital Young Leaders Exchange Program (DYLEP) website for details and to begin your application. Deadline to apply is April 2! Please email Jeremy Sinensky or call (206) 441-5910 ext. 311 with any questions regarding the program and application process.