2012 World Citizen Award

ChristineGregoireThe World Affairs Council is pleased to announce Christine Gregoire, the 22nd Governor of Washington State as the recipient of the 2012 World Citizen Award!

Congratulations to Christine Gregoire, the World Affairs Council’s 2012 World Citizen!  Each year, the Council recognizes an outstanding leader from the State of Washington who has contributed significantly to public understanding of international relations and has promoted community involvement in world affairs.  Recipients have been celebrated along with the annual World Educator at large community events designed to inspire others toward becoming a World Citizen. The recipient must have been a resident of Washington State for the duration of the past year and must fulfill one or more of the following criteria: their work has contributed to solving a global problem, and has had a significant impact; they have shown leadership in promoting international understanding in our community; they have provided inspirational international service through extended contributions on a volunteer basis.

Christine Gregoire is being recognized for her outstanding leadership in raising Washington State’s profile on the world stage in the three areas of trade, clean energy, and climate change, and for being an inspiration to women leaders both locally and globally. During her tenure, she has supported the Center for Women and Democracy and, through the World Affairs Council’s International Visitor Program, met with visiting women leaders from around the world to encourage and inspire the participation of women in political leadership. Her past visit to England and Ireland whilst leading a delegation on a trade mission demonstrate her continued commitment to building connections between our state and the rest of the world. Over the past six years and in close conversation with Premiers Campbell and Clark, Christine has deepened the relationship between British Columbia and Washington State as evidenced by the regional success of the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver and the development of the WA State enhanced driver’s license.

As Washington’s 22nd governor, combining effective leadership with a tireless work ethic, Christine has shown time and again that she has the courage and independence to go above and beyond.