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Upcoming 2017/2018 Workshops:

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Recent Workshops:

Emperor Mausoleum Xi'an Terracotta Army China QinAn evening with The Terracotta Warriors: U.S.-China Relations through the scope of History

A special evening at the Pacific Science Center to explore the Pacific Science Center’s Terracotta Warriors exhibit, and learn more about how ancient history continues to shape identities in contemporary China and relations with the U.S. This program included a ticket to the Terracotta Warriors Exhibit and entrance to our Community Program with former Washington Post bureau chief in Beijing, and the author of “The Beautiful Country and the Middle Kingdom: America and China, 1776 to the Present”, John Pomfret.

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 arctic-415209_960_720New Frontiers: Contested Claims in Arctic Exploration 

A workshop supported by the University of Washington’s Center for Canadian Studies, The Ellison Center, and the Center for Global Studies at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies that explored contested claims and emerging concerns in the Arctic. 


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21507274839_c6a728c12d_b Sustainable Development Goals: Girls at the Center of Development

Teachers heard from experts at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and explored how to introduce the Global Goals and Gender Equality, as well as teaching tools for developing students as global citizens.

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Climate Change workshop Image

Climate Change and Human Rights Workshop

An educator’s workshop in partnership with Western Washington university all about climate change and its relationship to issues of social justice and human rights around the world. 

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handsGender, Development, and Human Rights Work in North Africa and the Middle East

A special Educator’s Workshop featuring visiting NGO and development workers from Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco. See Teacher’s Resource Packet here

 eu-1473958_960_720Brexit, Transatlantic Relations, and Russia: The Global Significance of a British Exit from the EU

Learn about the wider implications of Brexit for the EU, Europe, Russia, the US, and in terms of international relations more broadly.

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InternationalSeattle_International_Schools_graphic Schools Mini Symposium 

A mini-symposium all about international education. Teacher-led workshop sessions included information on Earning the SPS International Education Category; Globalizing Curriculum through Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning; Developing Global Competence; Investigating the World and Recognizing Perspectives; and Running a Global Leadership Class in High School. 

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Refugee ResettlementDisplacement, Resettlement, and Responding to the Global Refugee Crisis
Featured speakers: Eugene Martin (United Nations Association of Seattle) and seven refugee aid workers from across Europe, visiting through the Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership program. 

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Turey 03.05Reflections From Turkey: Exploring Politics, Culture, and Cuisine 

Featured speaker: Dr. Onur Bakiner, Cheryl Healy, Dana Radcliffe, Tracy Green, Eric Ayrault 

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China promo imageChina on the World Stage

Learn about China’s role in the world economy and issues in the environment from two of Washington’s leader experts: Dr. David Bachman and Dennis Bracy.

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global leadership teachersCreating a Democratic Classroom: Platform for Engaged Global Leaders
Learn effective strategies to engage students in being active global citizens. Presented by Chris Fontana, CEO and Founder, Global Visionaries. 

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Why Iran Matters: Geopolitics in the Middle East

Featured speakers: Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, UW Jackson School; Bookda Gheisar, Mona Foundation

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Bringing the World to the Classroom through Film

Featured speakers: Dustin Kaspar, SIFF Education; Sandy Cioffi, documentary filmmaker

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IMAGE 2Around the World in Seattle: Exploring Cultural Diversity in Your Classroom

Featured speakers: OneWorld Now and Nicholas Sparks Foundation representatives








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