Ben Rawlence’s City of Thorns: A Reading Resource Guide

City of Thorns Reading Resource

On January 13, 2016 teachers in our book club had the opportunity to meet with City of Thorn‘s author Ben Rawlence for a conversation mediated by former Ambassador to the DRC Roger Meece. Ben offered insight into his experience as a researcher in Dadaab–the largest refugee camp in the world, and the location of his book–as well as provided ideas for ways to incorporate themes from the book in the classroom. Thank you to The Seattle Times for hosting this event, and to Ben Rawlence and Ambassador Meece for a fascinating discussion about very urgent issues in the Horn of Africa. The Reading Resource Guide above provides contextual details to accompany your reading of City of Thorns, as well as resources for further reading about Dadaab and the refugee crisis. 

Compiled by Ryan Hauck and Maggie Archbold