2015-16 World Educator Pat Grant

Congratulations to Pat Grant, our 2015-16 World Educator!

*Learn more about Pat in this short video interview. Pat discusses his work as a global educator, his relationship with Global Classroom, and his values and visions for the future of education.

*Watch Pat Grant’s World Educator speech from May 5th, 2016 on YouTube here.

Patrick Grant is an Economics and History teacher and 12th Grade Level Dean at University Prep in Seattle, WA. He has been teaching for 30 years and is highly regarded by his colleagues and students. Pat is described by his principal as “a master teacher, a role model to both his colleagues and peers, a kind, caring, thoughtful person, and a lifelong learner.” Pat truly exemplifies what it means to be a World Pat Grant headshotEducator, promoting global understanding in his school, in the community, and around the world.

In 1990, Pat began University Prep’s international exchange student program, serving as the primary advisor and host family recruiter. He continues to informally mentor international students, helping to warmly welcome them to Seattle, checking on their integration, and supporting their academic goals. Pat was a member of the 2014 Education Advisory Group of the San Francisco Federal Reserve where he worked with colleagues throughout the West on curriculum design. Through this work, Pat adopted the International Economic Summit, a simulation designed to teach students about the role of trade and long-term development. This is just one example of his use of experiential learning to deepen his students’ understanding of the world. He also designed a Small Islands Summit for his East Asia class, with students representing countries to agree upon maritime boundaries and resolve island disputes in various seas east of mainland Asia. Pat also serves as an advisor to the University Prep Model United Nations club and often presents lesson ideas at local, state, and national social studies conferences.

One of his students says of Pat: “Your passion and dedication to education is rare, and so special and inspiring. You make me want to learn even more. Both U.S. History and Microeconomics were amazing because you taught them.”

Pat’s work also extends far beyond the classroom. He has led student groups to New Zealand, Japan, China, and Germany, earned travel scholarships to Germany and Japan, visited France and Belgium, and traveled to India on a Fulbright scholarship. Pat is fluent in German and French and is passionate about language as a form of cross-cultural understanding. He is also very involved in the Global Link program at his school, an innovative global education program challenging students to experience real life in other parts of the world through cultural immersion. He also established a relationship with the Rangi Ruru Girls School in Christchurch, New Zealand. Through Skype sessions, his students discussed economics with Rangi Ruru students and he presented information about U.S. macroeconomic policy. Pat has served on the board for the Seattle-Christchurch Sister City Association since 1997 and is now its Vice President.

In addition to his involvement in World Affairs Council programs, Pat served as a teacher liaison and participated in Global Classroom’s 2012 Teacher Leaders for Online Exchange program, connecting his classroom with the world. Pat will be a participant in the World Affairs Council’s Fellows program during the 2015-16 school year.

Pat was awarded the Washington State Social Studies Teacher of the Year in 1997-98 and we are now pleased to recognize him as the 2015-16 World Educator for his outstanding commitment to global education. Congratulations Pat!