Returning Host Family Application

Thank you for your interest in opening your home to an international exchange program participant. We look forward to working with you to create an experience that is enjoyable and memorable. If you have any questions, please contact the International Visitor Program at or at (206) 441-5910.
The application should take approximately ten minutes to complete.

World Affairs Council will not share the information you provide in the application below with any other organization or company. Information collected in this form will only be used for the purpose of World Affairs Council’s International Visitor Programs.


Please select the program you would like to host:


Contact Information


Application Updates (Address, host family bio, including contact information, children, pets, preferences, travels, etc.):



By selecting “Yes,” I agree to the following terms:

My family gives permission for the WAC Representative to do a visual tour of my home.

My family provides consent to be interviewed by a representative of WAC to explain the responsibilities related in accepting an adult exchange program participant into my home, which also includes the financial limits of our responsibility to the participant.

I understand that WAC must follow certain federal and voluntary guidelines in the placement of exchange participants, which includes: (1) Application, (2) 2 reference checks, (3) and a background check.

I agree to provide my/our social security number(s) so that WAC can conduct a background check on all members of my/our household older than 18 years old.

I agree to provide the contact information for 2 references so that WAC can conduct reference checks.

I agree to cooperate with WAC’s regulations and requirements regarding the exchange participants. Should I have questions, I/we will talk first with our WAC Representative.

I understand that a WAC exchange visitor may not drive a car or other motorized vehicle.