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See what international delegations and leaders the World Affairs Council is bringing to Seattle!

July 2017

  • Labor Relations – A group of 8 visitors from around the world will visit Seattle to observe the role of U.S. organized labor in the political, economic, and social systems at federal, state and local levels, as well as to examine the impact of the U.S. labor movement on domestic and international economic, labor and trade policies.
  • Expansion of Cultural Institutions’ Scope and Reach – A group of 6 visitors from Colombia will visit Seattle to explore the importance of heritage preservation, popular and urban culture visualization, and social inclusion to promote development. This program will help strengthen the capacity of Colombian museum administrators, government officials, and representatives of cultural organizations and non-profit entities to expand cultural offerings to rural areas.
  • African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program – A group of 11 women entrepreneurs from Africa will visit Seattle to illustrate the essential role of non-governmental and grassroots organizations in supporting women’s development and empowering women, provide a platform for the participants to showcase products and make important business linkages, and highlight the contributions of women to local economies.
  • Jóvenes en Acción 2017 – A group of 14 students from Mexico will visit Seattle to explore leadership and teamwork styles, with a focus on preventing bullying, discrimination, and substance abuse. They will create group projects designed around these themes, while developing their cross-cultural experience and awareness.
  • WEAmericas Program for Women Entrepreneurs – A group of 11 visitors from Latin America will visit Seattle to explore the role of women owned businesses in driving economic development, democratization, and stabilization around the world, as well as to highlight the social, economic, and political factors that influence and encourage the development of private enterprise in the United States.

June 2017

  • Change Makers: Women in Social and Political Sectors – A group of 25 visitors from around the world will visit Seattle to discuss initiates that support women in business and advocate for women’s rights in the community. The group will also engage in discussions about the U.S. political landscape following the 2016 elections and the best strategies for promoting women’s issues during an election.
  • Our Planet: U.S. Energy Policy: Energy Security and Climate Change Resilience – A group of 11 visitors from Europe will visit Seattle to examine state and local energy initiatives that currently incorporate or plan to incorporate the use of alternative energy sources, including support to develop new technologies for clean energy. They will also engage in discussions about energy policy issues of concern to Europe and the United States including industry best practices to promote efficiency and energy conservation.
  • Foreign Policy Challenges – A group of 14 visitors from Europe will visit Seattle to discuss foreign policy issues of concern to Europe and the United States including counter terrorism and security, transatlantic relations, the changing roles of international organizations and trans-boundary environmental policy issues. They will also examine the various players in United States foreign policy formulation and a range of policy views in the public and private sectors.

May 2017

  • Professional Fellowship Program: Disability Issues – A group of 4 visitors from Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia will visit Seattle to build their knowledge in the field of disability rights and advocacy through a 4-week fellowship local Seattle organizations. They will have the opportunity to network with local disability rights organizations, and discuss ways to address gaps in services and representation for individuals with disabilities in their home countries.
  • Religious Freedom, Diversity, and Tolerance in the U.S. – A group of 7 visitors from various countries will visit Seattle to explore the role of religious leaders in promoting peace and tolerance in their communities as well as their cooperative efforts with leaders of other religious traditions. They will also examine the crucial role of diversity in promoting a more open and tolerant society.

  • Farm to Market: Insights into U.S. Food Policy, Trade and Safety Issues – A group of 9 visitors from Europe will visit Seattle to examine how federal, regional and local programs for agricultural research, inspection, trade promotion, and resource conservation help ensure U.S. agricultural competitiveness in the global marketplace. They will also review how food commodities are regulated and marketed, from farm-to-table and for international export. 

  • Wildlife Trafficking – A group of 13 government officials and NGO leaders from various countries will visit Seattle to examine the harmful impact of international wildlife trafficking on political, economic, environmental, and social stability. They will also explore the roles of public and private sector stakeholders in the protection of U.S. wildlife resources and efforts to combat the illegal importation of exotic species into the U.S.
  • Public Health and Infectious Diseases – A group of 18 from Africa will visit Seattle to discuss the current research and prevention of infectious diseases, as well as the treatment of infectious disease in the homeless population. They will also examine the developing global and public health initiatives for providing effective health services.
  • Social Media: Creatively Connecting Communities – A group of 12 visitors from North Africa and the Near East will visit Seattle to examine the current trends in social media and the online platforms that connect communities and civil societies. They will also meet with local government agencies, non-profit organizations, and advocacy organization to discuss how they use social media strategies to reach and interact with their target audiences.
  • Women Leaders: Agents of Social Change – A group of 20 women leaders from various countries will visit Seattle to explore the roles and contributions of women to the social and economic advancement of communities in the Pacific Northwest. The group will also examine trends in leadership training and corporate initiatives for women empowerment.
  • Tourism and Economic Development – A group of 22 visitors from around the world will visit Seattle to explore public and private partnerships in supporting tourism. The visitors will also engage in discussions on the strategies of local organizations for promoting economic development through tourism.

April 2017

  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development – A group of 7 visitors from around the world will visit Seattle to explore business models that support small business growth and initiatives that focus on economic development that benefit local communities. They will also explore the social, economic, legal, and political factors that encourage the development of local and private enterprises.
  • Science and Tech Education for Youth – A group of 21 visitors from various countries around the world will examine the organization of U.S. education systems and how curricula are developed to improve math and science instructional practices. They will also meet with teachers and observe scientific classroom instruction.
  • WISE: Women’s Innovation in Science and Entrepreneurship – A group of 6 visitors from North Africa and the Near East will visit Seattle to examine the support for women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and in entrepreneurship. They will also explore school programs that encourage STEM education for young women.

March 2017

  • Community Responsiveness: Law Enforcement Leadership – A group of 16 public safety and law enforcement specialists from various countries will visit Seattle to examine governmental efforts to foster and implement community policing in local law enforcement agencies. They will also explore best practices in building trust and transparency between communities and police departments.
  • Human and Civil Rights Advocacy and Awareness – A group of 13 human rights specialists from around the world will visit Seattle to examine how human rights activists have used lobbying and grassroots campaigns to influence policies at the national, state and local levels in the U.S. They will also explore the role and organizational structure of NGOs in advancing U.S. civil rights and equal opportunity.
  • Effects of Climate Change on US-Canada Security – A group of 4 visitors from Canada will visit Seattle to explore environmental crisis management plans in the U.S. and the strategies for mitigating the effects of climate change. They will also examine partnerships between the U.S. and Canada, as well as the effect of climate change on U.S.-Canada cooperation and security.
  • Developing Comprehensive Drug Control Strategies – A group of 4 visitors from various countries will visit Seattle to examine U.S. strategies for addressing the criminal, social, and health ramifications of illicit drug use in the U.S. They will further explore public and private sector responses to illicit drug use and assess the current anti-drug measures of law enforcement agencies at the national, state, and local levels.
  • American Language: English Teachers TESOL Conference – A group of 26 English teachers and language policymakers from around the world will visit Seattle to explore current English language instruction curricula, trends, and developments in the U. S. They will also interact with language teachers to exchange views on pedagogical methodology.
  • Combating International and Domestic Human Trafficking – A group of 14 visitors from Latin America will visit Seattle to review U.S. governmental strategies to combat international and domestic human trafficking. They will also explore initiatives to recognize, protect, and assist victims of abuse and trafficking.
  • English Language Teaching and Social Inclusion – A group of 5 visitors from Greece will examine the methods that teachers in the U.S. use to organize and implement activities that promote intercultural awareness and social patterns of communication. They will further explore the ways that U.S. teachers approach conflicts among culturally diverse groups in their classrooms. 
  • State Border Security Issues – 2 visitors from Lithuania will visit Bellingham to examine border security and enforcement in the U.S. The visitors will explore interagency and international cooperation efforts to prevent illegal border crossings and the smuggling of illicit goods into the U.S.

February 2017

  • Education and Activism for Young Women A group of 20 female leaders from various countries around the world will visit Seattle to discuss tactics for enlarging young women’s sphere of possibility in professional networks. They will look at ways to provide young women tools for turning their ideas into reality and empower them to succeed.
  • Means of Effective HIV Prevention – A group of 6 visitors from Russia will visit Seattle to examine how the U.S. has implemented practices for HIV and AIDS prevention. They will also explore different tools that HIV and AIDS communities have used to effectively address the HIV epidemic.
  • Implementing and Enforcing Anti-Corruption Laws A group of 5 visitors from South Korea will visit Seattle to investigate successful strategies for implementing anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws.  They will look at how governmental oversight and civilian watchdog groups interact to prevent corrupt practices. 
  • Marginalized Populations and Health Care – A group of 20 visitors from around the world will visit Seattle to look at how health care systems research and treat illnesses that disproportionately affect marginalized populations. They will be visiting medical facilities to examine new strategies and programs for urban and rural systems.
  • Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management  A group of 6 disaster responders from Austria, Ecuador, Iceland, Nepal, Norway and Spain will visit Seattle to examine U.S. approaches to disaster management and emergency preparedness and response. They will be looking at how community-based partnerships interact with disaster responses by meeting with NGOs and community organizers.
  • Energy Security and the U.S. Energy Sector – A group of 3 visitors from Croatia will visit Seattle to examine state energy policies and U.S. strategies for improving energy efficiency. They will also be exploring NGO advocacy and its impact on energy security.

January 2017

  • Teaching English As A Foreign Language – A group of 5 education professionals from Uzbekistan will visit Seattle to examine how technology and digital learning are changing traditional education models. They will also be exploring current trends in bilingual language programs as well as contemporary methods in teaching English as a foreign language.
  • Library Management – A group of 5 library directors and curators from China will visit Seattle to learn about the library practices in the U.S. with a specific focus on cutting edge technology that is changing the industry.
  • Brazil Youth Ambassador Program 2017 – A group of 10 Youth Ambassadors from Brazil will visit Seattle for an educational opportunity focused on social justice, civic education, community service, and youth leadership. They will meet with NGOs, cultural groups, and grassroots activism organizations for experiential and skills-based learning.
  • Our Planet Climate Change and Renewable Energy  A group of 23 environmental policy specialists from around the world will visit Seattle to explore the U.S. approach to energy and climate policy by meeting with state and local officials for discussions on energy issues and incentives. They will also be meeting with civic action organizations and research institutes to examine their influence on energy policy and the innovations in renewable energy sources on which they are working.
  • University Education and Exchanges – A group of 14 university administrators from Sudan will visit Seattle to examine methods for expanding educational exchanges with U.S. universities and strategies to improve educational standards in Sudan.

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