Inside Arabia: UAE, Oman, and Qatar

November 2 – 15

Explore the three countries of UAE, Oman and Qatar.  Our program sets out to unravel the histories, cultures and economies of these three stable nations that have taken very different approaches to development. From the modern metropolis of Dubai, to the seafaring nation of Oman, discover the contrast between the Arabia of myth – deserts and souks and frankincense – and the Arabia of today. Fly to Dubai, UAE, and enjoy a very unique presentation “Open Hearts, Open Minds” at the Jumeirah Mosque. Visit the stunning hotel Burj Al Arab and explore Sharjah which UNESCO recently selected as the Capital of Arab Culture.  Drive to Abu Dhabi, UAE’s capital, to see Masdar City, a planned zero-carbon enclave. Fly to Muscat, Oman’s capital city, and learn about the traditions of this ancient nation. Wander through the Mutrah Souk and Grand Mosque – a superb example of contemporary Islamic architecture. Enjoy a tour of the Beit al Baranda Museum where the director will meet the group. Explore Oman’s interior with stops at Nizwa for the famous Friday market, and the magnificent fortress at Jabrin, whose brilliant architectural design with its maze of courtyards, painted ceilings and false floors never ceases to impress. Fly to Doha, Qatar, to visit Education City, a campus where U.S. universities are teaching a new generation of Gulf students. At Souk Waqif, visit a local falcon shop, then enjoy a local dinner. At the I.M. Pei designed Museum of Islamic Art, find one of the world’s greatest collections. Throughout this program a series of political briefings and meetings with diplomats and local leaders from a variety of backgrounds will be offered including in Doha, Al Jazeera.

$8,775 per peron plus airfare.

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