“Talentism: The Race to Innovation” – WAC 12/8/2015 Event

On December 8, the World Affairs Council, in partnership with the World Trade Center Seattle, welcomed Orlando Ashford, the President of Holland America Line, for a breakfast event to talk about his book, Talentism: The Race to Innovation. We were joined by Tammy Young, Vice President of Human Resources at Alaska Airlines who moderated the discussion.

Orlando argues that in today’s globalized economy, talent will replace capital as the driver of growth. In order to remain competitive in the global arena, companies will have to embrace new technologies and become more ethically engaged in order to increase productivity and entice millennial talent. Today, the most talented millennials want to work for companies where they truly believe in the mission statement and want to see that their employer has a positive impact on the local and global community.

Traditionally, companies have tried to find fresh talent by hiring students who graduated with strong grades from top universities. As it turns out, this is not always an indication of talent and this criteria prevents many talented individuals from reaching their fullest potential. Mr. Ashford argues that companies must do more to entice these talented individuals if they are going to continue to be relevant and successful in future decades.

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