Transforming Gender Norms in the Middle East and North Africa

Download the packet: Transforming Gender Norms in the Middle East and North Africa

On Wednesday, November 1, at our special Educator’s Workshop featuring visiting NGO and development workers from Egypt and Tunisia we challenged the narrative of negativity, and learned more about what good is being done in the region. We heard from activists and change-makers on the ground and were presented with stories about diversity, development, strength, and progress. 

Our moderator was Nova Robinson, PhD, who is an Assistant Professor in both the International Studies department and the History Department at Seattle University. Her research is positioned at the intersection of Middle Eastern history, women’s history, and the history of international governance. Teachers has the opportunity to fully engage in conversation with Professor Robinson and the HANDS Fellows, and bring these meaningful discussions back to their students and schools. Global Classroom Director Ryan Hauck introduced curricular connections and lesson ideas for bringing the stories to life in the classroom. 

Our resource packet, linked above, includes full lesson plans and ideas, links to interactive timelines, the stories of women activist in the Middle East and North Africa, printable graphics, and so much more!