Weekly World News Update, April 19, 2017



Wednesday, April 19, 2017

U.S. Foreign Policy; U.S.-North Korea Tensions; Erdoğan’s Turkey; Middle East Conflict; NATO; Post Brexit; French Elections; Desire for Permanent Change in Africa; Political Crisis in Venezuela.


Quote of the Week:

“The United States of America will always seek peace but under President Trump, the shield stands guard and the sword stands ready.”

Vice President Mike Pence delivered a warning to North Korea, as he spoke to U.S. parajumpers 2017 servicemen and Japanese Self-Defense Forces personnel on the flight deck of the U.S. adidas pure boost aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan at the Yokosuka naval base.


U.S. Foreign Policy

The President Doesn’t Need a Trump Doctrine” Richard Fontaine — POLITICO Magazine, April 14, 2017

The Plot Against American Foreign Policy” G. buy mu legend zen John Ikenberry — Foreign Affairs, May-June 2017 Issue
A Caribbean Policy for the Trump Administration” Richard Bernal — CSIS, April 13, 2017


U.S.-North Korea Tensions

What Might a Conflict with North Korea Look Like?” Peter Ford — The Christian Science Monitor, April 14, 2017

World ‘on the Brink of Thermonuclear War’ as North Korea Mulls Test” David Millward — The Telegraph, April 14, 2017

The EC-121 Shoot Down and North Korea’s Coercive Theory of Victory” Van Jackson — Wilson Center, April 13, 2017


Erdoğan’s Turkey

The Turkish Constitutional Referendum, Explained” Sinan Ekim and Kemal Kirisci — Brookings Institution, April 13, 2017

Erdogan Claims Victory in Turkey’s Referendum” — The Economist, April 17, 2017

Turkey and the Kurds: A Chance for Peace?” Jonathan Steele — The New York Review of Books, April 20, 2017 Issue
Turkey’s Vote Could Mean the End of a Courtship to Join the EU” Alison Smale — The New York Times, April 17, 2017


Middle East Conflict

Bombs, Bullets, and Leverage” Jon B.