Weekly World News Update, July 12, 2017


Frenemies: Trump-Putin; U.S. and the West; Ukraine Cozies to NATO; China’s Bid for Hegemony; Mosul After ISIS; Qatar Holds Its Own


Quote of the Week:

“He said it’s an honor to meet Putin. An honor to meet the individual who carried out the assault against our election? To me, it was a dishonorable thing to say.” 

— John Brennan, former CIA Director, commenting July 9 on NBC’s “Meet the Pressabout President Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.



The Best of Frenemies

Trump and Putin’s Meeting of the Minds” Gregory Feifer — Foreign Affairs, July 11, 2017

The Trump Administration Has Forfeited the Right to Be Trusted on Russia” — The Weekly Standard, July 11, 2017

Strengthening Strategic Stability with Russia” Christopher S. Chivvis; Andrew Radin; Dara Massicot; Clinton Bruce Reach — RAND Corporation, July 2017

The Media Is Not Asking the Right Questions on Trump Jr. Emails” Rolf Mowatt-Larssen and Ryan Goodman — Just Security, July 11, 2017


Trump Redefining the “West”

Trump in Warsaw: Introducing ‘Nationalist Internationalism‘” Stewart M. Patrick — CFR, July 6, 2017

President Trump’s Remarkable Warsaw Speech” Matthew Continetti — National Review, July 7, 2017

Western Values Increasingly Endangered by Terrorism and Extremism, Trump Warns Europe” Abby Phillip; John Wagner; Michael Birnbaum — The Washington Post, July 6, 2017

How American Presidents Used to Speak Overseas” James Fallows — The Atlantic, July 6, 2017


Ukraine Cozies to NATO

Reforms Will Bring Ukraine Closer to NATO, Stoltenberg Says” Will Ponomarenko — Kyiv Post, July 10, 2017

Tillerson Vows Relations with Russia Will Be Frosty Until It Leaves Ukraine Alone” Carol Morello — The Washington Post, July 9, 2017

Don’t Ignore Ukraine: Lessons from the Borderland of the Internet” Aaron F. Brantly; Nerea M. Cal; Devlin Winkelstein — Lawfare, July 7, 2017


China’s Ascent

China’s First Overseas Base: Why Djibouti Is Strategically Important” — The Indian Express, July 12, 2017

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping Are Not So Friendly After All” — The Economist, July 8, 2017

Are China-Philippines Military Exercises Coming Soon?” Prashanth Parameswaran — The Diplomat, July 11, 2017

China Makes Diplomatic Play in Afghanistan” Vinay Kaura — Middle East Institute, July 12, 2017

China’s Leadership Is Regional, Not Global” Enea Gjoza — RealClearWorld, July 11, 2017


Mosul Still Reeling After ISIS

Heavy Fighting Shakes West Mosul a Day After Victory over ISIS Is Declared” Bram Janssen — Time, July 11, 2017

Mosul Families Complain of Overuse of Airstrikes as They Count Their Dead in Wake of ISIS Defeat” Patrick Cockburn — Independent, July 11, 2017

Iraq: Battle Between U.S.-Led Coalition, Iraqi Forces and Islamic State Creates Civilian Catastrophe in West Mosul” — Amnesty International, July 11, 2017


Qatar Holds Ground Against Gulf States

U.S. and Qatar Sign Deal on Fighting Terrorism” — Al Jazeera, July 11, 2017

Tiny Qatar Is Living Large Despite Month-Long Arab Siege” Maggie Hyde and Aya Batrawy — The Washignton Post, July 12, 2017

Tillerson Tries Shuttle Diplomacy in Qatar Dispute” Gardiner Harris — The New York Times, July 11, 2017