Weekly World News Update, March 29, 2017



Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Trump Climate Order; Brexit Commences; Disunion Hits the EU; Turkey’s Future; Russia: Protests Flare; Pakistan: Corruption and India Tensions; Politics in Korea, and Elections in Hong Kong; Economics of Africa; Brazil’s Anti-corruption Drive.


Quote of the Week:  

“Despite all the current geopolitical uncertainties, the world can count on Europe to maintain global leadership in the fight against climate change. We will stand by Paris, we will defend Paris, and we will implement Paris,” said European commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete, Europe’s top climate official, in expressing “regret” about President Trump’s executive order rolling back the Clean Power Plan


Trump Scraps Obama Climate Policies 

E.U. Leader Expresses ‘Regret’ over Trump’s Climate Order, Says ‘the World Can Count on Europe’” Chris Mooney — The Washington Post, March 28, 2017

How the U.S. Protects the Environment, from Nixon to Trump” Robinson Meyer — The Atlantic, March 29, 2017


Brexit Officially Initiated 

Brexit: All You Need To Know about the UK Leaving the EU” Alex Hunt and Brian Wheeler — BBC, March 29, 2017

Staring Into Brexit’s Abyss” Linda Kinstler — The Atlantic, March 28, 2017

Brexit: EU’s Chief Negotiator Tells Theresa May She Won’t Get a New Trade Deal if She Slashes Taxes and Rights” Rob Merrick — The Independent, March 27, 2017


Disunion within the European Union

Italy Seeks a U.S.-European Front to Face Common Challenges” Rachel Ansley — Atlantic Council, March 22, 2017

Spain to Scotland: You’re Not Special” Diego Torres and Tom McTague — POLITICO Europe, March 27, 2017

Bulgaria’s Election Is Unlikely to Do Much to Clean up Corruption” — The Economist, March 25, 2017


Future of Turkish Government

Erdogan’s Proposal for an Empowered Presidency” Alan Makovsky — Center for American Progress, March 22, 2017

A Last Chance for Turkish Democracy” Dexter Filkins — The New Yorker, March 24, 2017


Russia: Peace Protests and Militaristic Government

What Russia’s Latest Protests Mean for Putin” Julia Ioffe — The Atlantic, March 27, 2017

Aleksei Navalny, Top Putin Critic, Arrested as Protests Flare in Russia” Andrew Higgins — The New York Times, March 26, 2017

Kaliningrad: From Boomtown to Battle-Station” Sergey Sukhankin — European Council on Foreign Relations, March 27, 2017

The U.S. and Russia Should Never Have Stopped Cooperating to Prevent Nuclear Terrorism” Byron Dorgan — Defense One, March 28, 2017


Pakistan: Corruption and India Tensions

Pakistan’s Entrenched Deep State” Daniel Markey — The Cipher Brief, March 22, 2017

Pakistan’s (Non-Nuclear) Plan to Counter ‘Cold Start’” Meenakshi Sood — The Diplomat, March 25, 2017


Politics of the Korean Peninsula

A Democratic Breakthrough in South Korea?” Sook Jong Lee — Carnegie Endowment, March 24, 2017

Permanent Neutrality for a Unified Korea May Be The Only Solution for DPRK Crisis” Robert Shines — Foreign Policy Association, March 22, 2017

Will the KORUS FTA Have an Encore?” Jeffrey Schott — PIIE, March 27, 2017


Hong Kong Elections

What to Know about Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Election” Tim Summers — Chatham House, March 27, 2017

Hong Kong Faces ‘Selection Not Election’ of China’s Favoured Candidate” Benjamin Haas — The Guardian, March 23, 2017


Economics of Africa

Energy Fact & Opinion: The Battle for Libya’s Oil Crescent” Andrew J. Stanley, Sarah Ladislaw, and Adam Sieminski — CSIS, March 23, 2017

Africa in the News: G-20 Talks on Africa, Oil News in Nigeria and South Africa, and Kenya’s Domestic Unrest” Christina Golubski — Brookings Institution, March 24, 2017

‘White Monopoly Capital’: An Excuse to Avoid South Africa’s Real Problems” Misheck Mutize and Sean Gossel — The Conversation, March 27, 2017


Brazilian Politics

What U.S. Policymakers Can Learn from Brazil’s Anti-Corruption Gains” Matthew Taylor — Council on Foreign Relations, March 2017