Weekly World News Update, November 8, 2017

WACA WWNUForeign Agents; North Korea Challenge; Taliban’s Comeback; Too Soon for Catalan and Kurdish Sovereignty; Asylum-Seekers on Manus


Quote of the Week:

“Kim Jong-un is not a madman. He is an intelligent guy, but with a merciless mind.”

— Thae Yong-ho, North Korean defector and former diplomat, in a Friday interview with PBS Newshour.


President Trump’s Crucial Asia Trip

Trump Brings a New Seriousness with Him to Asia” Kenneth R. Weinstein — Hudson Institute, November 6, 2017

Trump Can Turn the Tables in China” Hans Binnendijk and Timothy Fairbank — U.S. News & World Report, November 7, 2017

Will Trump Take a Stand on Southeast Asia?” David Hutt — Asia Times, November 8, 2017

Why Relying on China to Stop North Korea May Not Work” Mark Landler and Jane Perlez — The New York Times, November 8, 2017

Beyond North Korea: Why Trump Needs to Focus on the South China Sea and Terrorism” Michael Mazza — The National Interest, November 7, 2017


Saudi Arabia’s Anti-Corruption Purge

What the Royal Purge Means for Saudi Arabia – And Its Oil” Steven Mufson — The Washington Post, November 6, 2017

Game of Thobes: Saudi Arabia” Danielle Pletka — American Enterprise Institute, November 7, 2017

Mohammed bin Salman’s Shakeup Is More than a Power Play” Jane Kinninmont — Chatham House, November 6, 2017

Arrests in Saudi Arabia: Causes and Implications” Jon B. Alterman — CSIS, November 6, 2017


Another Day in Paradise?

Every Country Is a Tax Haven” Krishnadev Calamur — The Atlantic, November 7, 2017

Offshore Secrets in the Paradise Papers Show We’re Only at the Very Beginning in Battling Tax Havens for the Super-Wealthy” Pedro Nicolaci da Costa — Business Insider, November 8, 2017

The Paradise Papers Hacking and the Consequences of Privacy” Jake Bernstein — The New York Times, November 7, 2017


Intractible War: The Cyber Frontier

Is the U.S. Losing the Cyber Battle?” Sean McGovern– Aspen Institute, November 7, 2017 [Video Panel]

Do Social Media Threaten Democracy?” — The Economist, November 4, 2017

Russia Didn’t Decide the 2016 Election. Facebook Did” Niall Ferguson — Boston Globe, November 7, 2017

Covert Influence Is the New Money Laundering” Cortney Weinbaum — Rand, November 6, 2017

Cost of Cyber Crime Rises Rapidly as Attacks Increase” Hannah Kuchler — Financial Times, November 7, 2017


No End in Sight for Yemen?

Under Saudi Blockade, Yemen Torn by Competing Powers – and Facing Catastrophe” Colin Dwyer — NPR, November 7, 2017

A New Saudi Blockade Could Worsen Yemen’s Cholera Crisis” Kareem Fahim and Louisa Loveluck — The Washington Post, November 7, 2017

Yemen: Houthi Strike on Saudi Airport Likely a War Crime” — Human Rights Watch, November 7, 2017