Weekly World News Update, October 11, 2017

WACA WWNUIran Deal; Turkey Distances from the West; Bangladesh Refugee Crisis; Catalonia’s Unlikely Independence; Global Espionage


Quote of the Week:

“[President Trump] doesn’t realize that we could be on the road towards World War III with the kind of comments that he’s making.”

— Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in a Monday interview with The New York Times. 


Iran Deal or No Iran Deal?

To Certify or Not to Certify? That’s Not the Question” Suzanne Maloney — Brookings, October 10, 2017

Why Trump Needs the Iran Deal” Daniel L. Davis — The National Interest, October 6, 2017

Iran: Trump’s Gift to the Hard-Liners” Trita Parsi — The New York Review of Books, October 10, 2017

President Trump’s Failing Leadership on Iran” Danielle Pletka — The New York Times, October 6, 2017

Unforced Error: The Risks of Confrontation with Iran” Emma Ashford and John Glaser — CATO Institute, October 9, 2017


Turkey Distances Itself from West

U.S.-Turkey Tensions Boil Over After Arrest of Consulate Employee” Karen DeYoung and Kareem Fahim — the Washington Post, October 9, 2017

Turkey and the U.S. Enter the Most Important Crisis in Recent History” Soner Cagaptay — The Cipher Brief, October 10, 2017

Erdogan in the Balkans: A Neo-Ottoman Quest?” Dimitar Bechev — Al Jazeera, October 11, 2017

How to Reset Turkey-European Relations” Ibrahim Kalin — European Council on Foreign Relations, October 4, 2017


Bangladesh: The Newest Refugee Crisis

Bangladeshi Hospital’s ‘Rohingya Wing’ Overwhelmed as Refugees Keep Coming” Stefanie Glinski — Thomson Reuters Foundation, October 11, 2017

Repatriating ‘Verified’ Rohingya – Don’t Hold Your Breath” Alyssa Ayres — CFR, October 4, 2017


Catalonia’s Unlikely Independence 

The Silence of the Damned: Catalonia’s Separation from Spain” Heather A. Conley — CSIS, October 10, 2017

In Catalonia, a Declaration of Independence from Spain (Sort of)” Raphael Minder and Patrick Kingsley — The New York Times, October 10, 2017

It’s Highly Unlikely that Catalonia Will Become Independent in the Near Future” Lianna Brinded — Quartz, October 11, 2017


The Global Espionage Game

How Israel Caught Russian Hackers Scouring the World for U.S. Secrets” Nicole Perlroth and Scott Shane — The New York Times, October 10, 2017

U.S.-China Spy Games Flare” Ali Watkins — Politico, October 11, 2017