International Visitor Program

Gulbin YasarGulbin Yasar holds a BA in International Relations from Ege University, Turkey. She also had the opportunity to study abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, for six months focusing on international relations and European studies. She is interested in energy security, international security, and foreign policy analysis while she wishes to learn more about the Middle East politics. She recently moved to the United States from her home country, Turkey. She enjoys meeting new people, reading and learning about other languages.

Stacia LeeStacia Lee is a student at the University of Washington pursuing degrees in International Studies and Anthropology. She is particularly interested in foreign policy and immigration law. She has previously worked with local nonprofits such as Washington CASH, East African Community Services, and the International Rescue Committee. Stacia has studied abroad in both London and Prague and enjoys traveling and hiking in her free time.

IMG_1199Calli Rose Parise is currently completing her last year as student at Seattle University pursuing a major in International Studies and Spanish. She is particularly interested in both domestic and international issues regarding gender and human rights, U.S. foreign policy decision making, international law, and international development in Latin America and Asia. She has studied abroad both in the cities of Barcelona and Salamanca in Spain and has traveled elsewhere to Greece, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, and a myriad of European countries. She can be found anywhere in the mountains hiking, swing and/or salsa dancing, watching TED Talks, playing Scrabble, listening to gypsy jazz, and keeping updated with upcoming music artists.

VeronicaVeronica Contin grew up in Minneapolis and Cincinnati before graduating in 2014 from the University of Pittsburgh with majors in Political Science and Anthropology. Through studying abroad in Italy and Morocco, Veronica developed a strong interest in global education and international program development. In her free time, she enjoys exploring Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, trying new ethnic foods, traveling, cooking, and learning languages.

IMG_1334Jensine Isip holds a double degree in Economics and International Studies from the University of Washington. During her time as an undergraduate, she was selected to the Fulbright-sponsored Advanced Filipino Abroad Program in the Philippines, where she was able to study the effects of micro-financing amongst women entrepreneurs. After graduating, she taught English at an all-girls middle school in Daegu, South Korea, and had the opportunity to do some extensive backpacking throughout Asia. Aside from pursuing professional experience within the realm of world affairs, she has experience in the creative and law industries. In her free time, she enjoys exploring Seattle, planning her next travels, and learning new languages.


Global Classroom


IMG_1299Charlotte Guard is a student at the University of Washington majoring in International Studies. She is focusing on the Middle and Near East and spent the last year studying at Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey with a David L. Boren Scholarship. Charlotte is looking forward to working with teachers and students in the Seattle area in order to increase global awareness from an early age.


Bridget ChanBridget Chan is a native of Portland, Oregon studying in Seattle. She is currently a fourth-year at the University of Washington studying International Studies. Recently she returned from a year-long study abroad program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and spend the subsequent summer in Hong Kong visiting her large extended family and teaching English to immigrants from rural Mainland China. Her experience abroad piqued her interest in cross-cultural communication and exposed her to the importance of being a global citizen in a rapidly globalizing world. As a result, she hopes to pursue a career in non-profits or NGOs in the United States or abroad. In her free time, she likes to hike, eat around Seattle, and compile exploratory playlists on Spotify.

KayleyKayley Knopf is a sophomore at the University of Washington majoring in international studies with a concentration in international political economy. She has studied French for six years and hopes to study abroad in Brussels to become fluent in the language. After being an editor for the Washington Undergraduate Law Review she has become interested in the prospect of law school, but ultimately would like to work in a think tank. She is passionate about learning from other cultures and is excited to be interning for the World Affairs Council in such a global environment. 


Community Programs



Kisa Yonker studied Political Science and Comparative Ethnic Studies at Washington State University, where she discovered her passion for social justice and international issues. Kisa is a dual citizen of both the United States and Japan, spending most of her summers with her family in Okayama, Japan until college. Prior to the World Affairs Council, Kisa interned with PBS affiliate KCTS-9 in Seattle and worked as a research aide for the Wesleyan Media Project during the 2012 elections. She is currently in the process of applying to graduate programs with a focus on public policy and public administration. 

HayleyHaley Hanson is a senior at Seattle University studying Political Science and Women and Gender Studies. Her interests include human rights and international events. During her junior year she was able to study abroad in the United Kingdom, visiting England, Wales, and Scotland. She is currently working on an honors thesis looking at violence and gender roles in the media. Haley is excited to intern at the World Affairs Council and plans to attend as many events as possible. In her free time she enjoys cooking and exploring the Seattle area.

HamzaHamza Abdulrahman is a student at the University of Washington pursuing a degree in Global Studies with a minor in Human Rights and Information Technology. He is interested in international development and international trade. Hamza was fortunate to be raised in India and Pakistan, which shaped his passion for international affairs. Recently, he has had the opportunity of studying abroad in Japan and enjoys reading, playing sports and traveling in his spare time.




HannahHannah Ellison is currently a communications and development intern and student at the University of Washington, majoring in Law, Societies, and Justice. Originally from Missoula Montana, Hannah has substantial hands-on experience in many different areas, including: organic farming, wild-land firefighting, nightclub security, and nonprofit work. Hannah volunteers as the social media manager for a nonprofit news organization, practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu, paints, and plays with her two puppies and daughter.

BrendanBrendan Anderson is a Seattle native who recently graduated from the University of Washington with a major in International Studies. During his studies he founded the Russian Film and Culture Club, while also volunteering to tutor underprivileged high school students. Through his extensive experience traveling, working and studying all across Europe, he developed a passion for international culture, language and politics. This past Spring Brendan studied abroad in Vienna for a quarter, learning about Austrian history and the German language. When not working, you can find him studying foreign languages, hiking, volunteering and woodworking. He has a basic proficiency in German and Italian.


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