From Conflict to Cooperation? Exploring U.S. – Russia Relations

From Conflict to Cooperation? Exploring U.S. - Russia Relations

On November 17th, 2015, educators had the opportunity to hear from Russia experts Scott Radnitz, Jacqueline Miller, and Jill Dougherty for a timely teacher’s workshop exploring historical, political, and personal relations between the U.S. and Russia. Professor Scott Radnitz launched the discussion with fascinating insight into the systemic factors that shape post-Soviet political systems, and put Putin’s presidency and popularity into context. World Affairs Council’s CEO Jacqueline Miller then examined whether or not Russia is a threat to U.S. security interests and ideological ideals. Former CNN Moscow Bureau Chief Jill Dougherty then flipped the debate, and challenged educators to consider Russian perspectives on the U.S. as a threat to their interests. This 70-page resource packet provides a comprehensive look at Russia, and U.S.-Russian relations, and includes articles, documentaries, lesson plans, infographics, film and literature lists, and more. Subjects range from history, to science, technology, language arts, geography, and theater.

Compiled by Amy Lutterloh, Maggie Archbold, Lydia Hollingsworth, and Ryan Hauck